1)  Local Licence Customs Brokerage & Shipping Agencies.
Sea Empress Forwarding & Shipping is a local customs Licence Brokerage
      company. With our network of affiliated brokers, we can provide customers
      with customs brokerage at any Malaysian Seaport / Airport.

2)  Shipping Husbaning Agent.
      Sea Empress Forwarding & Shipping is
also a local Licence Shipping Husbaning       Agency. We can assure ship owners of fast and quick despatch of vessels with
      minimum port stays for loading and discharging operations. We provide
      competetive cargo liner (in / out) Stevedoring Package which provides
      shipowners with additional advantage to be more competetive in the shipping

3)  Marine Cargo Insurance Agent.
Sea Empress Group of Companies is a sub-agent for American Home
      Assurance Co., Incorporated in New York, USA. With the authority to issue       certificates of Marine Cargo Insurance Cover Note Before Hand.
      This is an additonal advantage for exporters and importers for smooth
      documentation processing.

4)  Local Transportation.
 With our Affiliated Transport Company, Sea Empress Group of Companies are
      capable of providing a wide range of local transportation (i.e. Low-Bed
      Loaders, Multi-Wheelers for heavy equipment) and overland transport to
      Neighbouring Countries. (i.e. Bangkok and Singapore)

5)  Conventional Ship Handling / Stevedoring.
Sea Empress Provide comprehensive vessel handling / agencies and port
      labours stevedoring of cargo loading and discharging operation in all
      Malaysian ports. The enable owner's to have 1 flatrate costing rather then
      uncertain port costing which have many hidden costing.

6)  Project Cargo / Heavy Equipments Handling.
      Specialist in handling of all Odd size Heavy lifts cargoes and Machineries for
      both Import and Export.

7)  Packing, Removal and Local Transportation.
      We provide packing for all household personal effect shipment for Import and
      Export and Heavy Machineries Removal and positioning to position in Factory.
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